About Me

I was raised with three brothers on a family farm not too far from Edmonton. Shortly after I started grade one, I announced to my mother that I was going to be a funny writer. She laughed, so I assumed it was a good idea.

I pursued my dream of funny writing penning plays, articles in the school paper, and notes to pass around the class. I did not, however, continue writing when I left high school in the 1970s. I became a bartender. I found it was much easier to make a drunk laugh than an editor. 

In the 1980s I got married, went back to college, and became a child care counselor. I found it was much less scary to approach and work with angry teens than most publishers.

By the 1990s I was raising three of my own children, several of their friends, and the neighbor’s kid. This experience diminished all fear of rejection, public humiliation and media types, thus enabling me to land my first funny writing job.  

I love kids, baseball, and old cars. I believe in the power of love, the mightiness of hope, and the achievement of impossible dreams.  

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About my writing credits



Winner - 2012 Moondance International Film Festival  (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

Spirit of Moondance Award - 2012 Moondance International Film Festival  (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

3rd Place - 2012 Canada International Film Festival (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

Quarter Finalist - 2012 Cynosure Screenplay Competition (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

Semi Finalist - 2012 Praxis Feature Screenplay Competiton (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

Honorable Mention - 2012 Alberta Screenwriters Initiative   (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

Preliminary Finalist - 2012 Creative World Awards   (Hockey Night In Cromdale)

                                                                                                                                                    Freelance Writer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1996 – 2014      Parkland County   ~   Saint City News   ~    Edmonton Regional Tourism Group   ~   Country Asides  ~    Alberta Gardener    ~    Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development    ~    First Choice Tree Nursery & Garden Centre   ~   Cory Christopher    ~    Toula's House of Clay   ~   Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm                    

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2000 - 2007    Weekly Column   Saint City News, St. Albert, AB                                                                     2003 - 2003    Monthly Feature     SEEN in St. Albert, St. Albert, AB

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