Thank you for writing such amazing stories about Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm.  Your ability to concisely capture the heart and spirit of our operation is impressive!  We appreciate your clever descriptions and keen sense of humor – which I know the readers enjoyed.

Tam Andersen, Owner & Director of Fun, Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm, Bon Accord, AB

Back nearly 10 years ago now when I was publisher of the Saint City News we had a humour column written by one Penny Frazier of Bon Accord. She was one of the most popular columnists we had with an uncanny ability to turn events in the everyday life of a Mom, housewife and community volunteer, into the most hilarious yarns ever spun in our pages. In fact, Penny reminded me a lot of a local Erma Bombeck.
I heard from Penny recently and it’s nice to know she is actively working on setting up a web site and hopefully bring her brand of humour to the web and maybe even here on St. Albert’s Place once in a while. We’ll keep you posted on her progress and give our readers a first hand look at her site once it is up and running. It ought to be a lot of fun.

Don Sinclair, Former Publisher, Saint City News, Saint Albert, AB

I enjoy Penny's writing style. She paints such a vivid picture, I feel compelled to attend whatever event she is writing about. 

Joan Barber, Tourism Development Coordinator, City of St. Albert, AB

Not only has Penny helped me with numerous pieces for my tourism business, but I have also had the delight of reading her weekly musings in the local paper.  Her command of language combined with her quirky view of life makes for an informed piece that always leaves me with a smile. I have sat on many boards that have hired Penny to do our copy as she always seems to find the pulse of the article and makes it pertinent to the reader. 
It is always a pleasure to deal with her.

Heather Edwards, Owner/Operator, Pottery by Heather, Bon Accord,  AB

Penny Frazier is a word goddess. Original, creative, imaginative and inventive, Frazier’s ability to use words, weaving and developing them into vivid images and ideas, is truly a remarkable talent. Funny and witty, her innate ability to connect with the subject is refreshing. No matter the project or scope, Frazier constantly exceeds my expectations, writing with such precision and understanding, while maintaining accessibility to the audience.                       

Cory Cherdarchuk, Owner/Operator, First Choice Tree Nursery & Garden Centre
Owner/Operator, Cory Christopher Design
Morinville, AB

If you are considering a writer for your company that is creative, has a flair for writing to your thoughts, has a personal approach and is cognizant of timelines/deadlines, Penny Frazer is your writer. I have had the privilege of working with Penny for the last five years and she has always produced articles with passion and purpose. I highly recommend Penny’s creative work to any company that is looking to be recognized and successful.

Dianne Allen, former Regional Manager, Edmonton Regional Tourism Group, Edmonton AB

During my term as Executive Director with Edmonton Regional Tourism Group, Penny carried a remarkable amount of responsibility for marketing our programs to operators and advertisers for our Edmonton’s Countryside magazine. She developed a myriad of marketing materials for various events, meeting stiff deadlines and very big expectations. Penny has a gift for communication language that has punch, originality and liveliness. She was completely reliable and fabulous to work with.

Suzanne Marshall, former Executive Director,  Edmonton Regional Tourism Group, Edmonton AB

We approached Penny Frazier to write copy for our sample day trips in our 2010 Gems of Parkland
Brochure. I provided Penny with only a list of the local tourism attractions we wanted to incorporate and she produced some very clever and enticing day trips in a very short amount of time adding some much needed zest to our brochure and website. Penny is an excellent writer and a lot of fun to work with thanks to her fabulous sense of humor.  She communicates clearly and always delivers work on time. I highly recommend her and will definitely work with her again.

Vanessa Heitt, Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator, Parkland County, AB

I promise that not one of these people is my mom.